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Why is it important to perform Factory Audit in Indonesia before placing order ?

It's easy to understand why performing an audit in Indonesia is impotant when starting considering deposit you have to send to your supplier for mass production starting.

Are you really ready to engage and possibly loose from 20% to 40% of the amount of your Purchase Order just after a couple of exchange done via e-mail ? Do you trust anymore your supplier before having visited his/her facilities and checked his reliability on site ?

Via our Express Factory Audit services in Indonesia, you may check quickly and with an affordable price the reliability of your supplier, whereas with our SA 8000, iso 9001, BSCI, C-TPAT audit you will be able to reassure your final customer about compliance with recognized international standard regarding labor laws, children employment, and many other aspects allowing you to assess your supplier.

Among our factory audit services:

EFA Express Factory Audit
iso 9001 iso 9001 Factory Audit
SA 8000 SA 8000 Factory Audit
C-TPAT C-TPAT Factory Audit

Should you need any other kind of factory audit, feel free to contact us to get a quotation.