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During Production Inspection

Indonesia Quality Control performs During Production Inspection when at least 20% of goods have been completed.

This service ensures that the quality of products is maintained troughout the production phase, to further pinpoint problems that need earlier correction before completion of the whole production.

During this inspection, Indonesia Quality Control inspects the production batch and those products in the line for possible defects. We identifies deviations, if any, and offers advice on the corrective action plan to implement in order to ensure a uniform batch of product with good quality.


We operate control and recommendations for production processes and capacity. During Production Inspection involves checking the following points and operating the following steps:

1/ Production status

  • How many finished products are ready
  • How many products already packed
  • How many products not manufactured yet
  • Production line capacity & capabilities

2/ Product inspection

  • Style
  • Color
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Accessories (instruction manual, etc...
  • Function test
  • Construction test
  • Assembly test

3/ Labelling and marking

  • Logo
  • Barcode
  • Stickers and tag
  • Shipping mark

4/ Defective List

  • Defects listing
  • Criticity of defects

5/ We make recommendations

  • What to improve in order to avoid defects
  • What corrective action plan to implement before you production is over
  • If according to us the production will be on time or not

In case of Intial Production Inspection performed previously, then we check if recommendations given has been implemented and respected or not.




  • Pricing is established on man day basis: US$ 288 per man-day

Time & Schedule

Indonesia Quality Control's timing can be composed as the following:

  • Booking 48H before your inspection
  • Report in your e-mail box and in your private space within 24H
  • Inspector on site from 9AM to 7PM (lunch time one hour)
  • Checking of your goods on the morning
  • Sealing at the end of the operations

Benefits and Advantages

Indonesia Quality Control's During Production Inspection services allows you to:

  • Detect mistake and misuderstanding from your factory earlier.
  • Make sure your goods are conformed to your specifications and expectations
  • Avoid delay and extra cost
  • Check the quality of your product and the reliability of your supplier
  • To save money by outsourcing the quality control of your product by an expert inspector directly on the field and before it is too late
  • Check if the factory is respectful to your previous recommandation




Extra options available aside this service:

  • Paper report: + US$ 30
  • Extra report: + US$ 30
  • Sample picking on your behalf: Free of charge
  • Certificate issuance for your L/C